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Nailove presents electric nail clipper for baby, teenagers, adults, and seniors.

UJOY presents fashion accessories, such as hinge bangles, cufflinks, tie bars, etc. 

We will upload new designs every Tuesday. 

UJOY Bangle Bracelet Set Black and White Combo Set

Example Product Title

$19.99 $29.99

Electric Nail Clipper Parts: Cleaning cover, shift knob, charge lamp, charging port, fingernail entrance, protective cover, nail accessory, USB charging line.

Nailove electric nail clippers specifications: Voltage for the power adapter: 100-240V 50/60Hz; Rate Power: 8W; Charging time: 2 hours;

Warranty and service: 1. we provide the eletric nail-clipper with a 24-month warranty period which will be calculated from the date of purchasing.

2. during the warranty period, we will replace the parts or the whole product as a result of all kinds of defects caused by the material or manufacturing process.

The electric nail-clipper will never hurt your finger. Seizing caused by quick insertion of nail, figertipsnot cling to the entrance or other improprt operation is a normal phenomenon, Please do not worry!

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